'The Journey of Freedom'

Published on June 21, 2022

This photo was taken in White Plains, NY.

"Free at last, free at last, Thank God almighty, we are free at last." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King's classic speech, “I Have a Dream” was said only 59 years ago, during the Civil Rights March, in August, 1963. 

Phrase - 'Free at last." 

Refers to the state of being free within society from unfair or oppressive restrictions imposed by authority.

'We are our ancestors' wildest dreams.'

 Living a journey of freedom and rightfully owning our ability to think independently takes courage. Although freedom is well recognized within our communities and worldwide, mental slavery still lingers within the souls of traumatized or lost individuals attached to false dependency, power, and ignorance.  

Deeply routed behaviors of fear have yet to be dismantled. A societal programming that has caused inadequate education, unfair treatment, and disrespect towards many people that may have yet to receive a fair chance at experiencing life freely. We want to encourage a wiser view on life. A life that is based on the foundation of love and fairness (without favoritism or discrimination).       

To people that have yet to choose love. Choose to live in love. Choose the values that encourage better physical, spiritual, and mental health for the overall enjoyment and safety of the human experience. With better physical health, we will raise our energy levels, with better spiritual health we will encourage peace and harmony, with better mental health we will be open to learning from our history for the purpose of improving our future. 

Fearless Growth is a platform fostering self awareness through sport and education for a more impactful system that prioritizes our value as People first. Our values encourage better human experiences in personal health and sustains fundamental practices for personal development. Our work is meant to release ourselves from teachings that shaped the same old narrative of oppression, and rather, shift into a true narrative of freedom. Fearless Growth is where we can start by creating spaces to learn the core of who we are and where we are going, in order to sustain a more common ground within our journey of freedom. 

Written by Nelo Phiri

Photo by Nelo Phiri

Honorable mention, Harriet Tubman 

Book Recommendation : 'The Power of Now'

Written & Narrated by Eckhart Tolle


Word of the Day : 'Tiye' meaning 'Lets go' in bemba, an African Dialect.  

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